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5 Positive Choices Needed to Sustain a Healthy Life Balance

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5 Positive Choices Needed to Sustain a Healthy Life Balance
Do you think about your own life and what it takes to stay balanced and healthy? What I've observed as a mindset coach is everyone is overwhelmed by life and the many responsibilities they have and forgets to consider if there is an imbalance in one aspect or another. It is usually only at an emergency situation or an illness or triggering event, when someone will take a step back and evaluate the situation of their lives. The traditional thinking about balance is related to a lifestyle and work-life balance that includes balancing family, friends activities, hobbies, and everything else that is important to one's job. Yet I've found balance for a healthy and happy life is about something far more important and that starts with maintaining the mindset. If you consider the mind being in balance it will be in a state of mind that is neutral, without excess positive or negative emotions. The mind, however, has thoughts going through it throughout the day of the day. That implies that the mind could be either in a positive or negative condition at any point. For more detail please visit:- A state of imbalance occurs when the mind is in a negative state for an extended period of time. For instance that if someone continues to worry, live in fear or focus on doubts, then the negative thoughts will result in an unhealthy attitude. This can be countered by positive emotions, like joy, to aid in restoring an overall balance. It's not possible for anyone to remain in a positive attitude throughout the day, as this would mean that they are in denial of the basic human emotions. However, you can't live being overwhelmed by negativity over a long period of time. To be balanced You need to be more positive, not negative emotions This can be achieved by focusing on your goal and making decisions that you are aware of. Developing Your Point of Focus Your perspective is vital to the general health and well-being you have. When you think of possible negative and positive thoughts to choose from, you will realize it is possible to develop positive behaviors. What is the process? If you think about something for long enough, it will become an habit that is cultivated. The challenge for you is to be aware of the thoughts you're thinking about, and deciding to let circumstances control your thoughts instead of being in control and focusing upon the thoughts that can make you feel good or uplifted when needed. The thing that is fascinating about the growth of a thought pattern is that, once it's affirmed long enough or contemplated on a consistent basis, it is an assumption. This is why it may be difficult to alter the way of thinking of someone who's had a negative thoughts about themselves over a long period of time and, as a result, the person's life could be chaotic, this negative mindset is now a conviction. It's not as simple as having a few positive thoughts to bring about changes rather, it requires continuous (and repeated) patterns of new ideas that are established based upon new-found ways of thinking positively. This is accomplished by each positive decision at a time. 5 Positive Choices Needed to Sustain a Healthy Life Balance You can achieve a healthy life balance, if you are making conscious, positive decisions to enhance your health. This means that you are actively involved in what you are thinking, with regards to your mind's state of mind instead of being reactive or waiting until there is a triggering event and you must make changes. You don't want to discover you have problems with your health and later realize you could have, or should have, been paying attention to how you're thinking. Or your career is so stressful, you've forgotten other crucial aspects of your life and the breaking point has been reached. There are other trigger incidents, as well as the ones that are of a personal nature to you, involving your family and those who are close to you. You can start to establish a positive point of focus using any or all of these five choices. Choice 1: Choose to pay focus on your thought patterns. It's easy to allow an entire day to pass without a thought of the way or things you're thinking. And then, time is passed, until you find yourself trapped in a mental rut controlled by one (or a few) predominant negative thoughts. The longer you allow those thoughts to carry on longer, the more likely it is that those thoughts will be a part of your belief system, and this will make it harder to alter. You may not understand or even recognize what your dominant thoughts are If so you should take the time to have a check-in with yourself after the day to find out what thoughts you had the most of about. Did it seem positive or negative and based on what? This will help you self-correct when needed or at a minimum, to make changes to your self-talk. Choice 2: Choose to pay particular attention to the phrases you use about yourself. The words you use are also clues to your attitude and wellbeing, and can help determine the direction to ensure your well-being. Consider a person who is always stating things that make them feel bad regarding themselves, especially regards their appearance, or inability to complete an assignment. Though it might be done in humor or as a humorous or a joke, however the more often it is spoken about, the more it is an indicator of how the person truly is about themselves. It is true that this language, even when it is used in a self-deprecating fashion it can still be detrimental to the mental health of the person. A healthier mental attitude and approach to living, is to identify the areas that need improvement and solicit help, guidance and suggestions for improvement. Also, a positive outlook seeks out knowledge and self-improvement without judging one's self. Choice 3: Choose your work by focusing on a sense satisfaction and meaning. The lesson that I've learned over the years and would like to share it with anyone looking to master it also. I understand there are people who are working for a reason to "pay the bills" and "make ends meet", but there is still satisfaction at any job, regardless of the motive behind you working. It's all about the attitude of the reason you picked the position, as well as the mental attitude you take when you're working to fulfill the task you've been assigned. There isn't a way to say that anyone does a job and is better at or more than everyone else. Everyone has the ability to shine and live their full potential through any work. What makes each job unique is the person and their attitude. My students understand this is true by how they interact with me. It doesn't matter if are ever acknowledged by my manager for the work I've done. The most important thing is the fact that I have meaning in my interactions with students. When I witness the growth of my students and learning, then I feel fulfilled. This is how I hope you to build your mentality as well, from an optimistic viewpoint. Option 4: Choose to prioritize the things that matter to you in life. Although the traditional notion of work and life balance dictates an established language regarding the amount of time that should be allocated to your work and your family, I believe this is a personal decision. It is your right to pick what matters most to you. There are always going to be circumstances in which you'll need take a look at your options and make decisions based on your personal preferences. This is understandable. Make sure you know your priorities well enough to make an informed decision. Your priorities may be interconnected with those of your significant other, spouse or partner and your family, and if so your healthy balance could also be impacted by the choices you make. This is why prioritizing is essential to consider and to do so with a balanced in your perspective. Option 5: Choose to make your health and wellness something that is worthy of your attention. If I've talked about an ideal balance between your life and work health is vital to your wellbeing. Also, I believe that this is a matter of personal preference, with regards to how health is maintained. I don't believe in dictating guidelines on what should or shouldn't be done regarding eating habits and exercising, since this isn't my specialty; however, what I can tell clients is that it may be a decision you make to think about getting healthy in some ways. What I can share is the little choices you make now make a difference in the long run. As an example, I made the decision to alter my eating habits and in about one and a half years I lost around 90 pounds. It wasn't due to exercise, because of other health issues, just due to the food choices I made. What you do to maintain a healthy balance is dependent on you, make it a conscious choice and you may be able to avoid something more serious later in life, particularly if you have routinely visited the doctor a regular part of your plan for balancing life. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you keep it in mind and be active. Your Mindset, Your Results Your choices have a direct impact on your balance in life. If you make choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle equilibrium, you're most likely to be feeling confident about your self, which should always be the aim. There are always two options in terms of the kinds of thoughts you are able to focus upon at any point in time and these are either positively or negatively. If you're proactive in the things you think about, and how you address circumstances, then you will remain in a positive or positive frame of mind. Should you practice this time and time again, you will develop a habit of a healthy mind. Although every day might not start out as hoped for or go according to plan, or you find yourself confronting challenges you haven't yet encountered There's a step that you can take to help to change your perspective. This isn't just about making general affirmations, rather it's about changing your perspective away from negativity, and towards something more positively focused. There is always the ability to select and focus on more positive thoughts, and focus your mind on something that's affirming positively to your wellbeing. While you may not be thinking about a balanced life right now, the more proactive you become in maintaining your mindset it is less likely that you will end up being reactive later when triggering events occur. If you make the right choices, a strong mindset can help lead to an optimal balance in your life.

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