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6 Reasons, Climate And Environmental Protections, Are Essential!

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6 Reasons, Climate And Environmental Protections, Are Essential!
Although, it seems, some prefer to deny, the fact of Climate Change, and its potential damage, and, often, minimize the need to protect the environment, especially as it relates to clean air and clean water, the truth is, unless/until our planet starts to not only be aware of it and actively by implementing a carefully deliberate, strategy that will endanger our health, and well - being, not only, currently, but, of the generations to come! If historians and environmental/ climate experts/ professionals, take a look back at our country's behaviour and leadership, in particular over the past two years of their tenure, they'll, probably, feel, our actions (and, lack of) have harmed and damaged the ability of us to transfer the benefits of a sustainable and sustainable world to those that follow! In this context this article will try to briefly consider how we can examine, analyze, and consider six key reasons, doing, all we canto safeguard our environment, and prepare for the effects of Climate Change, are essential! 1. Clean air and clean water:When the Trump Administration seemed to reverse or restrict, a lot of rules and regulations, aimed at protecting the environment, and it posed a threat to the possibility of enjoyment of pure air and clean water! These actions included: permitting dumping waste into streams, and so on and encouraging drilling; slowing efforts to cut down on greenhouse gases, and so on. Mankindcannot continue existence as long as we do not prioritize protecting the clean air and water. 2. Responsibilities to future generations:Shouldn't it, be an obligation, on behalf of the current generation, to ensure the protection of our planet to disk skimmer ensure the health, well - being, and enjoyment of future generations? To do so, means making every effort in addressing issues not just in a way that is popular and in a sensible sustainable way! 3. Seaocean levels Ocean levels/ melting at the poles:We are witnessing substantial melting, particularly at the earth's poles, probably, due to the fact that the average annual temperature, on this planet is constantly rising. When the ice melts, it can cause the potential for ocean and sea levels to rise and, consequently, pose a threat to, low - lying regions, due to potential flooding, etc. 4. Risques to shore/ human - lives:If we don't do all we can, to protect the planet, then we could, risk human life, and our way of - life! 5. Severity/frequency that storms occur:You certainly aren't alone person who feels that the severity and frequency of storms and natural disasters has intensified, and more severe, in the last few years! 6. Well-being and overall health - being:When/ if, public officials, prioritize informing, populist and inflammatory messages, rather than, doing the right thing, everyone suffers! The actions and statements, that were made by the previous president, deny, or, at best, minimized the issue, usually by comparing them to the short-term/ current, economic problems and the general health and well-being of the future and present generations are at risk! The only planet we have is ours, and, we must, either protect, and ensure its protection or eventually harm it, and its inhabitants! Make yourself aware and insist on better, more accountable management!

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