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Buy A Home This Winter

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Buy A Home This Winter
The most recent question we've been asked a number of times by homeowners has been "We want to wait until next spring to buy a home, why should we buy a home this winter?" It's a good question and my business partner and I have put together more than 25 reasons, and we reduced our list to the top 9 reasons that real estate buyers should purchase a home this winter. 1.) Home prices are much lower now than they will be later in spring. Why should home buyers consider buying a home today instead of waiting until spring? The purchase of a house now can help the buyer save money. In the present, there are less buyers in the market than the spring and summer of the past. There are more people looking for homes during the warmer times during the warmer months of the year. Sellers with a good reputation will be under greater pressure to sell their homes when houses sales are down. Serious home sellers will either be selling their houses below market or lowering the prices on their homes in order to attract buyers. With lower prices, buyers we buy any house can instantly save money. This week, I worked with a client who had narrowed their choices down to just two properties. After comparing the two homes, we found that both homes were priced under market by between $10,000 and $15,000. We made an offer of $30,000 less than the listed price on our number one selection. The seller was furious. We decided to go back to the number two choice home for a second time and then make an offer. We went through the same process. We offered 30% off the list price. The seller countered by offering $15,000 less than the price listed and we countered at $20,000. During the appraisal today, the appraiser stated that we purchased the house 35,000 less than its value for an absolutely perfect home priced under $190,000. Do you think the buyer is satisfied? 2) Home sellers have more emotion Many home owners are in huge financial burdens their only option is to market their home. Anyone who has experienced the endless creditor phone calls can understand the steps one must do to end these calls. Find a seller that can easily solve their problems by selling their home , and it is likely that you will get an attractive price. After showing 20 homes this weekend, I received 8 phone calls from sellers in desperate need of help saying that they needed to sell their homes now and look at almost every offers. Three sellers told me they had an extreme debt that they needed to pay off. I will remember these homes for buyers in the future who would like to take advantage of bargains. 3) It is gaining interest over the Internet Many companies have their moves scheduled right after the beginning of the year, and employees who are moving will take advantage of the time between Christmas and New Year to plan out their travel plans and browsing the web. With your home listed on the market and internet today, potential buyers will have the time to look at your house as they feel more relaxed and will have time to do so. In the past two years, the visits to our site have increased by three times from mid-December until the end of January. 4) Some home sellers will be better off selling today According to CPA's and financial planners we work with Many home owners are better off selling now to get a better tax deduction. If you find a seller that would benefit from a huge tax deduction and may be more negotiating for a quick sale. 5) Make a purchase now and move in the next few weeks Experience tells us that sophisticated buyers of homes know they can buy today at a bargain cost and move later after the holidays. Take advantage of a fantastic deal now and then move in the event that the pace of life slows. Buyers of new homes right now can benefit from the final specials and move when the home is completed this next spring. Buyers have the option to control in the present market of buyers. If terms cannot be agreed upon buyers can go to the next home. 6.) Capture a lower interest rate Currently we are enjoying low-interest rates. The experience of the past suggests that interest rates will begin to rise toward by the beginning of January. A smart home buyer would like to capture the lower rates of interest by locking in low rates while they're low. Certain lenders offer locks and shop programs. Secure a low interest rate now and shop over during the following months' free to purchase their dream home. 7) Get assistance and guidance The time of year when you are in the middle of Christmas is more likely that family members and family members will visit during your home shopping visits. The more information you receive, particularly if you are a new homebuyer, from people who know you the more likely you'll avoid making mistakes. First time home buyers sometimes aren't able to ask the appropriate questions. By having a family member or friend around who knows what to inquire about or knows your needs, the process can be simpler. 8) The home builders in the country are experiencing pressures In the winter months when homes that are sold for new construction decreases. One new home agent reported that his sales are one-quarter of those they were this summer. Since builders are spending more on building and the cost of borrowing money growing, builders are more likely to negotiate on the sale of their brand new houses right now. Typically, builders haven't negotiated about price for the last 4 years. Today, I received 3 flyers from new home agents with price reductions on their inventory. 9) Lower payments We get notified every week with new and better loan programs that can aid in reducing the monthly payments the home buyer will pay for mortgages to mortgage companies. It is time for lenders to find better loan programs for home buyers right now. If you has waited until springtime to contact a lender and they will likely be talking to an officer for loan who has limited time to work with you and has no experience to help you find the best loan program. One homeowner who we helped save $234 a month by choosing a loan program that was better. What would you do with $234 per month?

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