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People Hurt Each Other Because Of Their Own Deep Pain

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People Hurt Each Other Because Of Their Own Deep Pain
A Soul Agreement To Experience Karmic Lessons We've all suffered from injuries at some point. Whether it happened in our family, a friend an acquaintance, an intimate relationship. Everyone has been through pain and experiences sadness, rejection, anger and similar feelings. It can feel terrible when we're hurt and it can reverberate throughout our lives for many years. We can still learn many things from our experiences and I don't mean becoming more resilient, but instead softening those parts that were once rigid. We can be more compassionate and kind to the people who hurt us. I realize that this might not be the message you want to hear, particularly when someone hurts you. However, those who hurt us do so due to the hurt they carry. Hurt people, hurt people because it's the only language they know. I'm not condoning the actions of these people, but rather urging you to consider the bigger perspective. Hurt people don't deal with their hurt and pass it on to others via manipulative means. As an example, how would you react when someone hurt you in the past? Did you to maintain an appropriate distance from the person , or did you try to assist them in overcoming their suffering? For more information please visit:- Many people attempt to aid the wounded but they are hurt more. The wounded do not want our assistance since they don't acknowledge that they need assistance. Keep in mind that this is all about survival and they'll take extreme measures to avoid pain (pain-pleasure rule) and indulge in activities which anaesthetize their discomfort. In most cases we end up being the sufferer of another's pain, therefore we must distance ourselves when we can. Don't feel that you have to help people because they don't want being saved. Sometimes, a person's karma in this life is to suffer and then transform it. I don't intend this to mean human beings must endure suffering , and that we should accept it. However, it is possible that we sign a soul agreement that allows us to experience karmic lessons for our soul's development. It's not our duty to intervene , unless requested to, or else the other person won't benefit from our intervention. However, it's not always the case , as you could have a sibling, a parent or a loved one, whom it is your obligation to care for. But if you've attempted to help them but were unsuccessful you may have a deeper lesson they need to understand. Sometimes, we'll need to get to the bottom of the barrel to find the return. Even though rock bottom can be an eerie place, we can see the light of our being and the true core of our nature. What are your impressions about this so far? There are bound to be doubts and perhaps you don't agree with me, and that's okay. I encourage you to sit with your questions and then write about how you feel within your journals. We Should Recover Our Wounds The most important thing is to look into our thoughts with a sense of openness and understanding. It's normal to experience resistance or disagreement over something you don't understand. There's no need to agree with me, or anyone else However, it's essential to find your own way to truth. A disagreement can lead to your truth. People hurt each other because of the hurt they've faced throughout their lives. Some people aren't sure of how to ask for help, or perhaps lack the financial resources to seek counseling or therapy. Thus, they hide their pain hoping they will forget. But it comes back since pain has a way of coming out. It resurfaces when we are in a romantic relationship and the person we are with mirrors our most fundamental beliefs. Naturally, we want to go to battle with them, thinking that they are responsible for our pain. In reality, they're mirroring our beliefs in our subconscious. They act as our healer and guiding us to self-transformation. I understand that it is difficult to accept when someone triggers pain within us. However, the root cause of our pain is already within us and they trigger it without even. If the same individual triggered the pain receptors of a different person however, they might not react in the same way. As an example, I get triggered by loud music and screaming, because I was raised with a strict and stern father who used to be a voice-over in his disciplining. However, my sisters who grew up in the same house do not suffer due to the fact that they were treated differently. They don't share the same scars and are not triggered like I am. How can we cope with people who harm us? The first step is to create healthy barriers and separate yourself from the people who harm us. It's not always feasible however it could mean limiting our interaction with them. Second, we ought to get our wounds healed because there will be a point at which others will trigger us again in the future. So, if we're carrying an unresolved wound, it's likely that we'll need to face our own demons repeatedly. The best way to deal with this is to take care of ourselves by self-analysis, or, if you work with professionals such as therapists or counsellors Continue to do the work. All of us are wounded in some form because of our experiences in life. the solution to suffering and trauma is not retaliation or anger, but rather compassion and understanding.

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