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Youth: A Critical Stage in Life

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Youth: A Critical Stage in Life
I love writing to people of a younger age like myself , not just because old folks know better and don't require the facts (which surely they do, and in fact should be reading it) But because an adolescent psyche is one that is easily and easily flexible to both the positive influences (principles, knowledge, truths) about life or the negative influence of our society. The youthful years are the time when characters are developed while values are developed and decisions are made. The decisions and choices that will alter our lives, and possibly the next generations, regardless of our current challenges will be made in this period of our lives. Steven Covey, who was an author and a great teacher wrote "I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a result of my choices." This is why it is important to guidance and motivation, focused on decision-making and a constant determination to stay in the right track, without falling off the track along the line. For more detail please visit:- Enlightenment can only come from the will to be informed. Information is information as is knowledge, which itself can be power. When we are well-informed, we can easily identify your purpose in life. Everyone has a purpose on this earth. We did not just come to this planet to consume the material products and services, attend school or work to get married, have children, and then die. Or did we? That would be a life that was completely wasted. Albert Schuster once said, "the tragic thing about life isn't just that we die, but what happens inside a man when he lives." We are also extremely fortunate to be beneficiaries of those documents that previous generations of men us have recorded in order to make the wisdom and understanding were acquired through their experiences and diligent study of the world is readily available to us. The world is changing in many forms. Information is increasing at very rapid speed. Research has indicated that every sixty seconds, the equivalent of 2000 typewritten pages are added to the knowledge of man and the amount of information created every day takes a individual five years to study. Even a computer memory can logically compute 6 million words in a second into permanent storage , and this is as similar as assimilating the entire bible in just a second. So anyone at any point in time has something to learn in life. Most times, real deal isn't found in study and learning aspect but rather in the practical application. We often listen to inspiring words and think "wow what if I did that" to something that is worth trying that was mentioned, but then leave it at that. What is the point of not putting it into practice? If you've already figured out your goals, continue to build on it. Whatever worthwhile endeavor you've done, you must put in your best effort. Push yourself. Perform it at 2x to 10x the intensity. Work out for twice as long or write 5x as many words as you do normally, or even study 10x as hard. Make it a point to break barriers and limits you've set for yourself. In closing I'll remember the story of a pupil who sent a letter to famous pastor Henry Ward Beecher, asking the man how he could be able to find "an easy job". He replied. Beecher answered, "if you're in that mindset, you'll never amount to anything. You won't be an editor or become an attorney or even think of entering the ministry. These professions aren't easy. You'll have to leave the field of merchandising and shipping, hate the politics of today, and let go of the tough fields of medicine. If you want to be a farmer or even a soldier of merit you have to study and think. My son, you have been brought into a difficult world. I can only think of one spot that is safe and that's in the tomb." I'll stop here today and come back next time. Quality content is key in reaching out to people. More than 150 billion users visit the internet regularly looking for good content for entertainment or get advice on self-improvement. Writing content is my love. It's an opportunity to show my thoughts to the world, and it's an honor to influence people with what write-ups. If you require my assistance, kindly drop a message and I'll gladly reply asap.

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