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The Blog As a Marketing Tool

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The Blog As a Marketing Tool
The idea of a blog started in the late 90s. In those days the blog was only used to comment on particular Web pages, which gave the possibility of republishing these comments and the views of viewers and users of this website. What started as a simple sentence or comment has grown into a wide range of opinions that spark controversy over every subject you can think of. The blog has grown into an online platform for advertising and Search engines for SEO (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) depend heavily on the content of keywords that they use. Here are five main reasons why you should use your blog as a powerful marketing tool on the Internet. 1. The blog is extremely simple. The easiest way to get your little space on the Internet is by creating an online blog. There is no need for special abilities to put it up into the air... any person who has a basic understanding of how to operate a computer or a computer, is able to do. A blog is similar to having an online journal to record your own thoughts about this or that issue and your personal experiences with the use of a particular program, software or buying a particular product. The Blog is an attractive factor, especially because in this way, when you express your experiences and opinions, it starts to build a sense of trust, so that your readers and visitors are able to test the same products and programs you've bought or tried prior to the opinion that you have left in your blog about them. If you own an internet-connected computer or computer that has Internet access (who do not have it today? ) You are able to begin marketing anything via your blog. For more detail please visit:- 2. The blog is genuine and has original content. In a world where the internet is awash with advertisements and we have to question the credibility of such promotions. It's too much advertising that we see on the Internet which we don't be sure if are the actual products, programs, or methods presented are actually what they seem. But, in blogs which are written by real people who display their faces, they talk about actual experiences or share their views on the merits or bad qualities of a program or product , without having the use of paid advertising. Reading blogs that discuss first-hand experience of any product or service is like talking in person with someone who's proven what I'm looking for... determined and related experiences with a high percentage, my decision on the purchase or denial of that service or product. Do you really want to buy something that has already been tested and tried by other customers. 3. The blog is completely free. Making a blog isn't going to cost anything. If you are planning to ride your blog's platform, Blogger (free blogging platform from Google) would not work if you are looking to create to have a professional website. Blogger, according to me, is to share information with friends and family and does not have anything to do with the installation of an actual Internet business. If, however, is to mount a fully professional online business, I would suggest to utilize your WordPress platform. WordPress itself costs nothing, but we need to first get a domain and hosting or hosting service (which is very accessible) with the ability to upload unlimited data to allow for the smooth operation of your business on the internet. For more information on how to acquire your domain and how to get your hosting, I recommend that you join my blog... by signing up you will get free advice on how to get the domain, host and start a blog with WordPress. 4. The blog helps build credibility, building trust among you and visitors or readers. When you post items that you have learned from the purchase of a certain product or service and quality information to the blog your readers will refer to your blog and will look forward to your next article to satisfy their requirements for information and make them feel more satisfied. This is how you will become an expert in your field through the fact that increasingly more people visit your blog and more bloggers share their blog posts with Your Blog. If you blog happens to have a significant number of daily visitors and many companies and professional organisations notice the growth of the base of readers and visitors that you've got, they will most likely approach you to place advertisements to my site (something that you can profit financially) or make a direct affiliate for its products. It will generate a commission every time you sell a particular product or service that is referred to these businesses and that is generated by your blog. 5. The Blog is the way you can build your business. Unless you're an Hollywood superstar, it's likely that only your family will read your blog posts. However, if your family has many acquaintances, and they'll let them know how fascinating is your blog. But don't worry you don't have to rely on the people in your family members or friends to increase the number readers and subscribers of your blog. Consider the following strategies which will help you grow your readership via your blog: * Using your email. When you send an email (whatever the content of that email) to your contacts list and acquaintances, do not forget to put your link on your site or blog's signature in this email. I guarantee you that, out of curiosity, many will come to your blog to check out the content of your blog. Be careful not to spam, especially in the event that you already have a many contacts who you regularly write to, you can do but make sure you don't mail people who aren't on your list . If you do, you will lose credibility and your business will be affected. * By incorporating a subscription form on your blog. An easy way to get messages from visitors is to offer them the option of signing up for your site. You can provide exclusive information to your subscribers to persuade your readers to join your blog, leaving your name and email address. Use your best judgment when using of email addresses, making sure that your information will not provide junk mail to fill up their inboxes from spam. Only content that is valuable and valuable content. * Using feedback information. Ask your subscribers if the information received was useful to them. If they do, they will send you a message expressing his thoughts on the unique information sent to them. Better yet, ask them to do one video of their positive testimony expressing what has been beneficial to them from this information. So, you get more credibility and more confidence with your readers. They in turn , will have the opportunity to make themselves more well-known through your blog. It's a win-win proposal for all. * Subscribe to other blogs. Other blogs that share similar themes to your marketing. Blogs that are professional and they are professionals like yours to allow readers and customers to build trust and establish you as a professional and an expert in the field. * By using RSS. RSS feeds are utilized to distribute periodic updates to users that have subscribed to the source of the content (or blog). This format lets you share content with no browser, using software that can read RSS feeds. By allowing subscribers to subscribe to updates to your blog via RSS, you'll gain readers and subscribers more quickly and will be identified as a professional in any promotion.  

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