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The Perfect Blog Posting Schedule

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The Perfect Blog Posting Schedule
"How often do you update on the blog?" is a popular question that has no correct or incorrect answer. Twice every month? Twice per week? Twice daily? Only once a day? There are many numberof various blog posts that promote different schedules for blog posts. The majority of them suggest posting at least once or twice per week, at a maximum. Here's my take on the issue - the two blog posting schedules that matter, and to what kinds of blogs they are applicable.Understanding Posting Schedules In the first place, you must realize that there is no correct or incorrect answer to this issue as I've stated previously. Different timings might or may not be appropriate for different kinds of blogs. The advice below isn't something I'm convinced works for every blog, however, it's the one that works for the majority of blogs (after my own research). What is the Relationship Between User Engagement and Blog Postings Are Related It's an untruth that readers are going to be upset if you keep your blog updated daily. It's a flimsy myth without any evidence to support it. One of my favorite blogs, sends me an email each day, or at least every 2 days. I am in love with it. It provides me with more information than a month of Sundays of autoresponder emails from every other website. However, readers aren't averse to posting every week only once. In reality, they are just looking to find out what they can gain from your blog. That's basically the sole reason they're here and the reason they've signed up to your email list (unless they're family members or friends). Okay, let's get down to the posting schedules. Multiple Time A Day Oooh! I think I'm likely to cause quite a bit of controversy by this isn't it? However, I do believe that posting more than once per day is beneficial for blogs. If you're not able to post frequently throughout the day, you should try to post at least every day. For the majority of the people who read this article this is what you should be doing. It is recommended to post regularly if you manage one of the blogs listed below or are involved with one of the strategies for business listed below. Tips and Information Blogs Consider this blog as an example It is primarily focused on blog writing, Internet marketing and SEO strategies. Also, it offers valuable information to people who visit this blog on a regular basis. To be recognized as an expert in your field your blog must include as much useful and high-quality content as you can. If this means publishing 3-5 times per day, go ahead. The majority of blogs on the Internet (including ones like yours) will fall under this category. Personal Blogs It's true that personal blogs don't usually get lots of traffic. The old rule of people visiting blogs solely for their personal gain is still in force to this blog. Visit:- A reader will get nothing they will gain from your personal blog, unless it's A.) hilarious or B.) A brilliant writer who is able to keep people captivated. Most likely, you're not neither. Let's say you decide to take the plunge and create a blog for yourself regardless. It is recommended that you post every day. For the majority of personal blogs I would not recommend posting more than once per day (because there are people who like to take a moment to reflect on themselves and not only you). But, a minimum of once per day is generally sufficient in order to get any kind of traffic. This is because the people who do check out your blog often are likely to think that you're an amazing writer or hilarious. They also require their daily dose of hilarious fun (but be careful not to overdose). Its Benefits There's no doubt about it, there are some benefits you receive from posting every day which you don't have when you only post once a week. Search Engine Optimization While this can't be completely established,it's becoming clearer that Google prefers blogs that publish regularly all day. If you make an update to your blog, Google is automatically notified. In time, their spiders begin crawling your site and rating them. If they get notified frequently, it means that you write frequently. If you write frequently it means your blog is in operation and consistently providing information to your visitors. However, it's impossible to prove this however it's a common pattern I've observed after doing studies within the SERP's. Alexa Ranking While posting 10 times per day means that you'll automatically be included in one of the best 1000 blog sites, the blogs with a more frequent posting schedule are often ranked more highly, as compared to blogs that do not post as frequently and meet the same standards of quality. Case Studies Recently, I came across a discussion thread in which an Internet marketer explained his plan to earn $200-$200 per day in AdSense earnings in just two months in a row. What he did was outsourcing content writing jobs for cheap for freelancers. He employed manyof them, and they posted on his blog between 30 and 40 times. Every. Single. Day. The result? He's a king with $200 per day in AdSense income. In just two months, he's earned a the earnings are flat. This is just the first of his web-based business. Let's look at another instance. A close friend of mine who I recently wrote a guest post, has an impressive Alexa ranking of 44K. He has amassed an average of 14,000 pages per day. He writes at least three times per every day. It took just two years to get to the point he's at. This is pretty good If you ask me. On the other hand... But, this doesn't apply to all kinds of blogs. Indeed, publishing multiple times per day, or even daily, could be unwise for certain blogs. Business Blogs By "business" blogs, I'm referring to blogs that belong to established offline businesses - Wal-Mart for instance. These kinds of blogs must not - and I say, should not publish more than two times every week (and in reality, once a every week should be all that you have to do). Why? Because these types of blogs aren't designed to be regularly updated. The majority of the time they're just about sales or news about business. They don't need SEO (unless it's an actual local service that people look up online). It's basically an advertising campaign that states "we're online too". Do You Have A Thought worth mentioning? Have something important to share? Something that will actually help/inspire/motivate people? Do you? Don't you? Don't mention anything. It's as simple as it gets. If you're unsure the need to be blogging every day, then you should blog whenever you've got something to say. But, you must maintain some kind of regularity. If you are struck by sudden ideas for posts, you can write the blog posts however, don't publish them yet.  

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